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Core c++ repository - powered by farm-ng

Core layer

Foundational core layer for new c++ and python projects. Convenient macros such as FARM_ENUM, FARM_ASSERT_* and FARM_UNWRAP. Component pipeline for easy parallelization of data processing pipelines. farm-ng-core only has a small set of dependencies: libfmt, expected (both being targeted for c++ standardization) and Protocol Buffers / GRPC.

sophus2: 2d / 3d Geometry c++ Library

Lie Groups / Manifolds commonly used for 2d / 3D geometric problems. Image Classes: Image, MutImage, DynImage, MutDynImage and view classes. Collection of camera models (pinhole, brown-conrady aka opencv, kannala-brandt and orthographic), IMU mode and more. Python bindings are available for a subset of the library.

Multi-language serialization and logging utilities

EventLogReader and EventLogWriter to create and playback Protocol Buffer-based datasets and some more general purpose c++/python utilities.